Standard vs. Custom Dials

January 10, 2021

Though your application is unique to your business in the Midwest, the measurements and components required to find success can vary based on your industry and the specific needs of your application. For these reasons, custom dials in many cases offer considerably more upside than standard dials.

When “Close Enough” Isn’t Good Enough

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Advantages of Custom Dials

There are several advantages to using custom dials in the Midwest – one of which is branding. Regardless of where your gauges are installed, you want them to represent your brand in a way that is memorable and marketable. Custom dials allow you to control the branding, including the use of corporate colors and logos, or multiple logos. You can also add your company’s contact information to the dial, to make it easy for customers to get in touch with you. It’s even possible to include a barcode or QR code that facilitates easy reordering for your customers.

Custom dials also offer a range of practical benefits for your applications. For example, you can use different dials to distinguish between various series: all-green scales for 100 psi gauges, all-blue scales for 1,000 psi gauges, and so on. The use of custom colors also allows for optimizing your dials to the settings in which they’ll be used, i.e. ensuring that bright colors are used for gauges in low-light applications. Moreover, by increasing or decreasing fonts, color zones, and color bands, you can emphasize critical pressure and other important information. You can customize your dials to show calibration points or include custom conversions for ram pressure or refrigerant scales. And if your company is present in foreign countries where multiple scales are needed, custom dials prove quite helpful in tailoring your dials and gauges to specific foreign locales.

When Your Business May Need Custom Dials

There are many industries and applications in the Midwest where custom dials are beneficial. These include automotive services/support diagnostics, fluid power hydraulics, and fire safety/sprinkler systems, as well as differential pressure systems, control valves, and regulators. As to why your business is one of these industries may need custom dials, there are a few compelling reasons. One is if you’re building a new piece of equipment and you want the gauges designed exclusively for the new equipment. This might include your company name, logo, website address, and phone number – or a different set of data that are specifically tailored to a special website or company division that is overseeing the new equipment’s distribution and marketing.

Another reason you may need custom dials is if you want the customer to be aware of who the contact is for the procurement of replacement parts. This is especially true if the contact is someone other than your company. If your company’s equipment has limitations beyond which there could be a danger involved with the operation, custom dials are the ideal way of identifying such danger zones. Similarly, if a certain reading on the gauge confirms when it needs replacement or maintenance, a custom dial is the way to go. Last but not least, custom dials are needed by businesses that utilize a unique or non-standard unit of measure – or if your business uses singular verbiage or markings that aren’t found anywhere else.

Custom Monitoring and Filtration Solutions in the Midwest

When your business requires custom monitoring and filtration solutions in the Midwest, trust the team at Mid-West Instrument. We have more than 60 years of experience developing proprietary designs that are manufactured exclusively for our customers. Whether your needs call for differential pressure gauges, switches, or transmitters, contact us today and we’ll customize a solution to your exact specifications.