A List of Products Used to Prevent Oil Corrosion

January 20, 2023
prevent oil corrosion

Whether you’re working with iron or steel, rust’s brown and orange corrosion can take a beating on metal systems, rendering them less efficient and ultimately, less valuable. This challenge is particularly difficult for those who operate oil-related machinery. High concentrations of compounds like H2S and CO2 aggravate the corrosion process behind rust and make it easier to develop. Fortunately, there are products available to help prevent oil corrosion.

Products Used to Prevent Oil Corrosion

This article lists some of the most popular products, discusses the various circumstances under which they’re used, and help readers determine which solution is best for their particular needs.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors are one of the most effective ways to reduce metal corrosion in oil systems. These chemicals are added to oil  and form a thin film over the surface of the metal, preventing contact between the oil and corrosive gasses. This coating creates an oxygen-deprived environment on the metal surface, further inhibiting corrosion. These inhibitors are most often used in oil systems subject to severe conditions, such as those with high levels of sulfur and carbon dioxide.

Rust Inhibitors

These chemicals are applied to and react with metal surfaces to form a protective coating that helps prevent  rust. Rust inhibitors are commonly used in low-temperature and/or low-pressure conditions, as well as environments with high concentrations of corrosive gasses.

Oil Stabilizers

Oil stabilizers reduce oil oxidation and extend its service life. They do this by slowing down the break-down of oil molecules, preventing them from turning rancid. This helps to prevent sludge and sediment buildup, which can clog oil filters and reduce the efficiency of machinery. Use oil stabilizers in engines, hydraulic systems, and turbines.


Antioxidants help protect oil against oxidation and keep oil from becoming rancid. These chemicals react with oxygen molecules, preventing them from reacting with oil molecules and breaking them down. Use antioxidants in a variety of applications, from lubricating oils to fuel additives.


Demulsifiers help separate water from oil, preventing problems caused by water contamination. Use these chemicals in applications such as cooling systems, engine oils, and hydraulic systems.

Antifoam Agents

Foam can trap air bubbles in oil, resulting in a loss of lubrication and increased wear on metal parts. Antifoam agents help prevent this by breaking down the surface tension of oil, allowing air bubbles to escape and reducing foam formation. They are of common use in oil systems with high levels of water contamination.

Mid-West Instrument

No matter what kind of oil-related system you’re using, there are products available that can help prevent corrosion and wear. Take the time to research the various options and determine which solution is best for your particular needs. Doing so will help you ensure your equipment operates at peak efficiency and minimize costly repairs associated with rust.

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