Differential Pressure Gauge Port Types

June 15, 2024
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At Mid-West Instrument, we understand that the compatibility and integrity of connection ports on differential pressure gauges are crucial for accurate measurements and reliable performance. We offer a variety of differential pressure gauge port types to meet diverse application requirements and ensure secure connections. This guide provides detailed information on the common port types available for our differential pressure gauges, including NPT, BSP, SAE, and “O” Ring ports.

NPT (National Pipe Tapered) Ports

Description and Features: NPT is a U.S. standard for tapered threads used to seal pipes and fittings. NPT ports on our differential pressure gauges are designed to create a tight seal without the need for additional sealing methods, as the taper of the threads allows them to fit snugly and form a fluid-tight seal.

Applications: NPT ports are commonly used across various industries in North America, making them suitable for applications involving air, water, and gas in industrial and residential settings.

BSP (British Standard Pipe) Ports

Description and Features: BSP is a standard used widely in Europe and many parts of Asia. It includes two types of threads: parallel (BSPP) and tapered (BSPT). At Mid-West Instrument, we provide both BSPP and BSPT port options on select gauges to cater to the specific requirements of international markets.

Applications: BSPP is often used for fittings that require a flat seal, while BSPT is suitable for fittings where a tight seal is crucial. They are frequently employed in fluid power systems and in the oil and gas industry.

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Ports

Description and Features: SAE ports are characterized by their straight thread configuration and are commonly used in hydraulic systems. SAE ports on our differential pressure gauges include an O-ring on the male fitting to prevent leaks, providing a robust and reliable connection.

Applications: Ideal for high-pressure applications commonly found in mobile hydraulics and machinery used in construction and agricultural industries.

“O” Ring Ports

Description and Features: “O” Ring ports incorporate a seal in the form of an O-ring placed on the face of the port, which helps to eliminate leaks in high-pressure conditions. This type of port is designed to provide superior sealing efficiency and ease of assembly.

Applications: “O” Ring ports are particularly advantageous in dynamic systems where movement may occur, and in applications that involve high-pressure fluids or gases.


At Mid-West Instrument, we offer a wide range of differential pressure gauge port types to ensure that every customer finds a fitting solution for their specific application needs. Understanding the differences between NPT, BSP, SAE, and “O” Ring ports allows our customers to make informed decisions that lead to better system performance and reliability. Whether your application involves simple water systems or complex hydraulic machinery, you can count on our expertise and quality products to provide the accuracy and durability you require. For more information about our differential pressure gauges and to discuss your specific needs, please contact us directly. We are here to help you select the perfect gauge with the right port type for your system.

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