How to Choose the Right Industrial Equipment in the Midwest

April 1, 2021

Corrosion is a pervasive problem that affects industrial environments in the Midwest and the equipment used. Corrosion is defined as any reaction between a metal and its surrounding that leads to the breakdown of the metal. Many things can cause corrosion, but all involve either a chemical or electrochemical reaction and require close consideration of […]

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Calculating Air Flow Rate from Pressure and Diameter

March 29, 2021

To calculate flow rate from pressure, several variables must be measured. Mid-West Instrument has a long history of helping companies throughout the Midwest to achieve these calculations via a wide range of state-of-the-art gauges, transmitters, switches, and other instruments used in a variety of industries. Standard Air Flow Piping System In any piping system, the […]

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Differential Pressure in a Heat Exchanger

March 15, 2021

What is Differential Pressure in a Heat Exchanger? “Differential pressure” represents the difference in pressure between two points. Measuring differential pressure is a simple matter of comparing two separate pressure sources and noting the difference between them. For example, if pipe A flows at 100 psi and pipe B flows at 30 psi, the differential […]

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What is Differential Pressure in A Heat Exchanger? A Michigan Machinist Explains

March 1, 2021

Heat exchangers are utilized in a variety of industries and come in several different designs. However, regardless of where they’re used or what they look like, every heat exchanger operates under the same basic principles and is affected by differential pressure. What is a Heat Exchanger? A heat exchanger transfers heat between two or more fluids and […]

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How to Wire a 220 Well Pressure Switch in Michigan

February 28, 2021

A pressure switch is an integral component in any private well water system. The pressure switch interacts with the water pump that delivers water to your home, telling it when to turn on and off. Wiring a 220 well pressure switch in Michigan requires quality pressure switched, such as those offered by Mid-West Instrument. Can […]

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Backflow Testing Kit Buyers Guide

February 15, 2021

In the market for a backflow testing kit, but not sure where to start? Mid-West Instrument is here to help. Headquartered in Michigan and serving the instrumentation needs of the Midwest, we’ll help you find the right distributor and the right product for your needs. Products Our Model 830 was the very first backflow testing […]

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Midwest Instrument supports the community in the fight against Covid-19.

February 5, 2021

One of the application for our differential pressure gauges is measuring liquid levels of large cryogenic tanks, used for the medical industry. In April 2020, we experienced unprecedented demand for our cryotank gauges because of COVID19. In a two week period, we received orders for the equivalent of 10 months production. Our team had to […]

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What is Backflow Testing?

January 30, 2021

If your business in the Midwest has been asking the question, “What is backflow testing,” Mid-West Instrument is happy to provide a detailed answer. And along with analyzing your company’s backflow testing needs, we’re a trusted source for backflow kits, backflow preventers, and associated professional-grade components. What is Backflow Testing? The longer the pressure in […]

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