Differential Pressure Gauge Accessories

Welcome to our selection of differential pressure gauge accessories and our robust range of differential pressure manifolds. Learn about the unique features and specifications of the Model 150 “Vari-Damp” pulsation dampener and the Model 200 “Gauge Minder” pressure limiting valve differential pressure gauge accessories, designed to enhance the performance and safety of pressure instruments across various applications. Additionally, explore our selection of differential pressure manifolds, crafted to provide reliable and efficient pressure regulation solutions in challenging industrial environments. Explore each differential pressure gauge accessories’ design, functionality, and potential applications to find the right solutions for your pressure management needs.

Pulsation Dampeners- Model 150

  • Adjustable and non-adjustable
  • Adjustable dampener offers fine thread needle adjustments
  • Protects against surges and pressures spikes
  • Use with all types of pressure instruments
  • Choices of brass or stainless steel body material

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model 150 differential pressure gauge accessories

Pressure Limiting Valve

  • Pressure Limiting Valve prevents instrument over-range
  • Adjustable needle valve dampens pulsation
  • Use with all types of pressure instruments
  • Choices of aluminum, brass, or stainless steel body material
  • Can be mounted in any position

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Differential Pressure Manifolds

  • Choose from 3-valve mini, 3-valve STD and 5-valve
  • Direct mount 3-valve with pressure gauge option available
  • All 316 stainless steel body, PTFE/Graphite gland packing
  • Maximum working pressure 6000 PSI @ 100°F
  • Direct mount adapters for select gauge models
  • Nace MR0175 Certificate available upon request

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Model No. Differential Pressure Range Accuracy Working Pressure Electrical Available Specifications Installation/ Operation Manual Electrical IOM Drawing
Model 150 3,000-10,000 PSIG N/A
Model 200 5,000-10,000 PSIG N/AN/A
Stainless Steel Manifolds 6,000 PSI N/AN/A