Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm seals use a flexible barrier, (the diaphragm) to isolate a differential pressure gauge, switch or transmitter sensor from the process media. This isolation eliminates many of the adverse effects the process poses to the differential pressure gauge. Use with Mid-West models 140 & 142 diaphragm type differential pressure gauges.

How does it work?

A Diaphragm Seal, when properly mounted and filled, will accurately transmit process pressure to the instrument. Pressure exerted on the flexible diaphragm is transmitted hydraulically to the instrument through the fill fluid, which fills the void between the diaphragm and the instrument.

Common types of diaphragm seals:

  • Flanged Seals
  • Threaded Seal

Selection of the proper diaphragm seal for a given application is very important for safety and performance. Mid-West Instrument will be glad to assist you in selection of the most effective diaphragm seal system for your application.

The type of diaphragm seal needed will depend on the application information you provide below. Diaphragm seals may be used with Mid-West Differential Pressure Gauge Models 140 & 142 only.

Note: Pipe unions or swivel connections are required for DP gauge assemblies.

Diaphragm Model Information

The right seal for your application:

In order to recommend a diaphragm seal, we will need basic process and application information.

Please fill out the online Diaphragm Seal Worksheet. We typically provide a response within 48 hrs.

Diaphragm Seal Worksheet