Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation dampeners are devices used in pumping systems to stabilize the flow of fluid and reduce pulsation, vibrations, and noise. By absorbing the energy from pressure spikes and smoothing out the flow, a pulsation dampener will protect system components and ensure a more consistent and efficient operation. This leads to an extended lifespan of the system, reduced maintenance costs, and improved performance of the pump and the overall system.

Model 150 “Vari-Damp” pulsation dampeners feature both a fine thread adjustable needle valve for dampening characteristics and a precision ball check to block line surges, shock waves or fluid hammer. The Model 150 provides outstanding protection for applications where low displacement devices such as bourdon tube gauges or electronic transmitters are used or in high displacement devices where diaphragm, piston or bellows operated gauges, recorders or controllers are required. Double-ported instruments should be installed with a Model 150 on each input pressure line.

The pulsation dampener Model 150 needle valve provides adjustable dampening characteristics by simply loosening the lock-nut on the adjusting screw and making a slight re-adjustment to the needle valve setting. The Model 150 adjustable needle valve can be used as a complete shutoff to facilitate changing out of a gauge or instrument. This method is not intended to replace instrument block valves as continual over-torqueing could damage the valve seat.

The Non-Adjustable Snubber ball check offers protection surge and/or pressure spikes. The 316 stainless steel ball is driven on seat by the pressure surge and held on seat as long as the differential pressure exists across the ball, while metering pressure to the instrument through a calibrated, groove across the ball seating area.

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pulsation dampener
Model No. Differential Pressure Range Accuracy Working Pressure Electrical Available Specifications Installation/ Operation Manual Electrical IOM Drawing
Model 150 3,000-10,000 PSIG N/A