Model 200

Pressure Limiting Valves

Model 200 “Gauge Minder” features a pressure limiting valve that blocks off excess pressure to the instrument, preventing calibration failure, internal damage, and “blow-out” from over-ranging – a principal cause of instrument failure.

Model 200 is supplied with a set of range springs designed to set the shutoff pressure point at any pressure from 50 to 5000 PSI. The automatic shutoff valve is positive on closing and is non-chattering. Once closed, pressure need only be reduced approximately 10% of set pressure to re-open the valve. The accuracy of the instrument used with the Model 200 is in no way affected up to the set point of the pressure shutoff.

Model 200 also features an adjustable needle valve designed to dampen system pulsation reducing instrument oscillation, improving readability, and extending instrument life without the addition of a snubber. Instrument reliability is improved and the cost to repair, re-calibrate, or replace the instrument is lowered. Operating safety is also enhanced.

Model 200 is available in Aluminum, Brass, or 316 Stainless Steel with 1/4” FNPT connections for 5000 PSI working pressure and in Brass or 316 Stainless Steel with 1/2” FNPT connections for 10,000 PSI working pressure. Buna N O-rings and Teflon backup rings are standard. Optional seal materials include
Viton, Neoprene, and Ethylene Propylene.

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Product Features/Benefits

  • Pressure limiting valve prevents instrument over-range
  • Adjustable needle valve dampens pulsation
  • Use with all types of instruments and pressure gauges
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Valve Shut-off Pressure Range: 50 to 5,000 PSIG
  • Factory Preset Shutoff Point available
  • Color Coded Springs Identify Shut-off Pressure Range
  • For complete model details See Bulletin_200A.pdf
  • Installation and Operation Manual See Bulletin: IOM_200.pdf

Specifications / Configuration

  • Female NPT X Female NPT design
  • Available Process Connections: ¼” FNPT X ¼” FNPT and ½” FNPT x ½” FNPT
  • Working Pressures up to 10,000 PSIG (680 Bar)
  • Operating Temp: Based on Elastomer Material
  • Material of Construction of Body – Aluminum, Brass, and 316/316L Stainless Steel
  • Elastomers (Seal Materials) Buna-N & Teflon, Viton & Teflon, Neoprene & Teflon and Ethylene Propylene & Teflon
  • For complete specifications see: Specificationsheet_200.pdf

The Mid-West Advantage

Model No. Differential Pressure Range Accuracy Working Pressure Electrical Available Specifications Installation/ Operation Manual Electrical IOM Drawing
Model 150 3,000-10,000 PSIG N/A
Model 200 5,000-10,000 PSIG N/AN/A
Stainless Steel Manifolds 6,000 PSI N/AN/A