Cryogenic Tank Level Measurement

Diaphragm and Bellows type differential pressure instruments calibrated in weight or volume are used in cryogenic tank level measurement. Tanks can be stationery (vertical or horizontal) or they can be used in tanker transport vehicles. Most cryogenic instrumentation utilizes a “dry gauge” design where there is no internal liquid fill. This prevents any leaking or fouling of the tank system, along with no damage or accuracy issues due to liquid-fill expansion when the tank is exposed to temperature shocks in cryogenic applications.

Usually, instruments used in cryogenic applications are cleaned for oxygen service.

Dials can be custom produced to show LIN/LOX/LOR, Inches H2O, mm H2O, cm H2O and Co2, just to name a few.

Many cryogenic tank level measurement instruments also offer switch outputs for remote alarms or 4-20 ma signal outputs for remote readout.

Model 116 is available with a 1 or 2 switch option from 80” up to 800” H2O. The Model 114 is available with switch and transmitter options from 20″ H2O up to 600” H2O.

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Recommended Models:

Model No. Differential Pressure Range Accuracy Working Pressure Electrical Available Specifications Installation/ Operation Manual Electrical IOM Drawing
Model 114 0-0.72 PSID (0-20" H20) to 0-20 PSID (0-600" H2O)
Tank Level Applications
±2% 1000 PSI CE / LVD, RoHS Compliant, NEMA 4X, 4-20mA Transmitter
Model 115 0-10" H2O to 0-69.9" H2O
Tank Level Applications
±1% 500 PSI (Optional 1,000 PSI) None available N/A
Model 116 0-70" H2O to 0-800" H2O
Tank Level Applications
±1% 500 PSI (Optional 1,000 PSI) MICRO SWITCHES
0-80" H2O to 0-800" H2O NEMA 4X, CSA LISTED IND. CONT. EQUIP.