Gauge Accessories

Pulsation Dampeners- Model 150

  • Adjustable and non-adjustable
  • Adjustable dampener offers fine thread needle adjustments
  • Protects against surges and pressures spikes
  • Use with all types of pressure instruments
  • Choices of brass or stainless steel body material

The Model 150 “Vari-Damp” pulsation dampener features both a fine thread adjustable needle valve for dampening characteristics and a precision ball check to block line surges, shock waves or fluid hammer. The Model 150 provides outstanding protection for applications where low displacement devices such as bourdon tube gauges or electronic transmitters are used or in high displacement devices where diaphragm, piston or bellows operated gauges, recorders or controllers are required. Double-ported instruments should be installed with a Model150 on each input pressure line.

The Model 150 needle valve provides adjustable dampening characteristics by simply loosening the lock-nut on the adjusting screw and making a slight re-adjustment to the needle valve setting. The Model 150 adjustable needle valve can be used as a complete shutoff to facilitate changing out of a gauge or instrument. This method is not intended to replace instrument block valves as continual over-torqueing could damage the valve seat.

The Non-Adjustable Snubber ball check offers protection surge and/or pressure spikes. The 316 stainless steel ball is driven on seat by the pressure surge and held on seat as long as the differential pressure exists across the ball, while metering pressure to the instrument through a calibrated, groove across the ball seating area.

Pressure Limiting Valve

  • Pressure Limiting Valve prevents instrument over-range
  • Adjustable needle valve dampens pulsation
  • Use with all types of pressure instruments
  • Choices of aluminum, brass, or stainless steel body material
  • Can be mounted in any position

Model 200 “Gauge Minder” features a pressure limiting valve that blocks off excess pressure to the instrument, preventing calibration failure, internal damage, and “blow-out” from over-ranging – a principal cause of instrument failure.

Model 200 is supplied with a set of range springs designed to set the shutoff pressure point at any pressure from 50 to 5000 PSI. The automatic shutoff valve is positive on closing and is non-chattering. Once closed, pressure need only be reduced approximately 10% of set pressure to re-open the valve. The accuracy of the instrument used with the Model 200 is in no way affected up to the set point of the pressure shutoff.

Model 200 also features an adjustable needle valve designed to dampen system pulsation reducing instrument oscillation, improving readability, and extending instrument life without the addition of a snubber. Instrument reliability is improved and the cost to repair, re-calibrate, or replace the instrument is lowered.

Model 200 is available in Aluminum, Brass, or 316 Stainless Steel with 1/4” FNPT connections for 5000 PSI working pressure and in Brass or 316 Stainless Steel with 1/2” FNPT connections for 10,000 PSI working pressure. Buna N O-rings and Teflon backup rings are standard. Optional seal materials include Viton, Neoprene, and Ethylene Propylene.

Differential Pressure Manifolds

  • Choose from 3-valve mini, 3-valve STD and 5-valve
  • Direct mount 3-valve with pressure gauge option available
  • All 316 stainless steel body, PTFE/Graphite gland packing
  • Maximum working pressure 6000 PSI @ 100°F
  • Direct mount adapters for select gauge models
  • Nace MR0175 Certificate available upon request

Mid-West Instrument 3 & 5 valve manifolds are designed for applications where direct mounting to an instrument is impractical or undesirable. The manifold is mounted to the lines from the instrument and signal rather than directly to instrument. Bubble tight shut-off, lightweight, super strong construction, compact designs that require less parts, chrome plated stems that prevent galling and stripping- these valves are built to perform under pressure. MOC in accordance with NACE MR0175 is available upon request.

Model No. Differential Pressure Range Accuracy Working Pressure Electrical Available Specifications Installation/ Operation Manual Electrical IOM Drawing
Model 150 3,000-10,000 PSIG N/A
Model 200 5,000-10,000 PSIG N/AN/A
Stainless Steel Manifolds 6,000 PSI N/AN/A