Understanding Self-Cleaning Filters for Mid-West Industrial & Electrical Industries

November 15, 2021

Self-cleaning filters are found in a variety of applications, ranging from farming and food processing to water treatment and sewage. Electricity generation is another area where self-cleaning filters are widely used. Mid-West Instrument has decades of experience in matching our clients with the right filter for the right application.

What are Self-Cleaning Filters?

Self-cleaning filters are filters that automatically trap and then flush a system of clogged particles or dirt. The time interval at which the filter flushes the unwanted materials is determined by the user. Self-cleaning filters are configurable to the specific needs of an application – for example, a filter can be programmed to allow clean liquid to flow through a system while blocking dirt or particles from passing.

Benefits of Self-Cleaning Filters

Cost Efficiency

Compared to other kinds of filters, self-cleaning filters are impressively cost-effective. Much of this savings is because the costs for cleaning, repair, and general maintenance are considerably lower than a filter that lacks the same level of automation.

Ease of Operation

You don’t need a master’s degree in Engineering to install or operate a self-cleaning filter. The learning curve is short and only a basic level of operational experience is necessary to run these products. The most complex aspect of a self-cleaning filter is the installation – once this is accomplished, the filter practically runs itself, it is good to go. On the rare occasion that the filter requires components for repair and maintenance, the process is straightforward and nicely summarized in the owner’s manual.

Continuous Filtration

Another advantage to using a self-cleaning filter is that you don’t have to stop the filtration process. This is especially important in filtration applications that require continuous filtration of your fluid – for example, waste management. You don’t have to budget in any time to stop the operations, clean the filter, and restart everything. Instead, the filter element cleans itself as the filtration process progresses.

Readily Available

Self-cleaning filters are widely available on the market. This is due to their affordable price and the fact that it’s a competitive industry in which several different manufacturers are present. Moreover, these filters come in a range of sizes, which makes it easy to not only pick the right filter for the right application, but to also choose the self-cleaning filter that matches the level of filtration you want for your fluid.

Minimal Disposal

The majority of self-cleaning filters are designed with a large holding area for contaminants. Depending on the size of the contaminants you’re filtering, you can plan on going a long time before ever needing to access the holding area to dispose of the contaminants. Production can continue uninterrupted, providing a welcome boost to employee productivity and the bottom line.

Differential Pressure Switches for Industrial Filters in the Midwest

At the heart of a self cleaning industrial filter system is a differential pressure switch that detects when the filter needs to start its’ clean cycle.   Mid-West Instrument is a USA based manufacturer of differential pressure gauges and switches than can build to order with the fastest lead times in the industry.  With our experience and know-how on your side, you’ll be able to choose the right differential pressure switch for you self-cleaning filter application. Contact our Midwest differential switch pros today to get started.