Types of Pressure Gauges Offered in the Midwest

October 15, 2020

At Mid-West Instrument, we want to make sure that we’re selling our customers the right product for the job. We manufacture multiple types of gauges at our state-of-the-art facility in Michigan, and when you come to us we will make sure that you find exactly what you need. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different types of gauges out there and how they can help our customers tackle tough jobs across a wide array of industries.

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Absolute Pressure Gauges

An absolute pressure gauge measures pressure with a vacuum as its reference. A vacuum has no pressure at all. These types of gauges are often used to check for leakages in tanks or to measure the vapor pressure of liquids. A wide variety of industries, from food packaging to oil, can make use of these types of gauges.

Gauge Pressure Measuring Device

This type of gauge references atmospheric pressure instead of pressure in a vacuum. A measurement is positive when it is above atmospheric pressure and considered negative when it is less than atmospheric pressure. These types of gauges are widely used. They can be found in power plants, refineries, chemical plants, and other facilities. The pharmaceutical industry, HVAC sector, and a variety of other industries make use of them as well.

Differential Pressure Gauges

This type of gauge has a specific application. It measures the difference between two pressure readings, but it will not tell you the individual pressure readings at either point. There are multiple types of differential pressure gauges that find use in a number of industries. There are diaphragm differential pressure gauges, piston-style differential pressure gauges, bellows and bourdon tubes.

These kinds of gauges are ideal for the detection of dirty filters and measuring things like liquid level and liquid flow. You will find them in power plants, petrochemical plants, and clean room facilities.

Duplex Pressure Gauges

This particular type of differential pressure gauge can be used to measure the difference between two applied pressures even in extreme environments. Companies in the chemical sector can get a lot of use out of these types of gauges.

Seal Gauges

A seal gauge is meant to seal off any leak paths and use a sealed chamber with atmospheric pressure as a reference. A seal gauge can be used with viscous and corrosive liquids, making these types of tools perfect for deployment in numerous industrial applications.

High-Precision Test Gauges

As the name implies, these types of gauges are ideally suited for any application that requires exact measurements. It’s no surprise that high-precision gauges find a lot of use in the pharmaceutical field and in laboratory settings.

Other Types of Gauges

This is just a sampling of the kinds of gauges that are out there. If you have a specific application in mind, we can help you figure out what kind of gauge could be of most use.

Get the Gauges You Need

So if your company is in need of a DP gauge, contact Mid-West Instrument and see what we can do for you. As the leading manufacturer in differential pressure gauges since 1958, we can help you find the exact product you require for the job at hand!

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