FNPT Connections in Differential Pressure Gauges

February 29, 2024
female national pipe tapered (FNPT)

FNPT (Female National Pipe Tapered) connections play a crucial role in ensuring secure and leak-proof connections in various industrial applications, including the installation of differential pressure gauges. These gauges are essential tools in measuring the pressure difference between two points in a system, critical for monitoring and controlling industrial processes.

FNPT Connections

FNPT threads feature a tapered design, becoming narrower towards the end, which ensures a tight seal when coupled with male (MNPT) threads. The deformation of threads upon coupling, often aided by thread sealants or Teflon tape, creates a reliable seal. These connections are made from materials like brass, stainless steel, and PVC to cater to different requirements for pressure, temperature, and chemical resistance.

Application in Differential Pressure Gauges

The ½” FNPT conduit interface in differential pressure gauges is designed for attaching electrical conduits, protecting electrical connections essential for powered gauges or those that output signals for monitoring or control. Proper installation of these gauges with FNPT connections involves compatibility checks, careful threading to avoid cross-threading, and ensuring a snug fit without over-tightening to prevent damage.

Female National Pipe Tapered Connection Advantages

FNPT connections offer reliability through their self-sealing design, making them suitable for high-pressure applications. Their standardization allows for wide compatibility across various fittings and accessories, facilitating use in multiple industries. Additionally, the ease of installation without specialized tools makes FNPT connections practical for field installations and maintenance.

Mid-West Instrument

FNPT connections are integral to the efficient and accurate operation of differential pressure gauges, providing a standardized, reliable means of incorporating these gauges into systems. Their design ensures a leak-proof seal essential for maintaining the integrity and performance of industrial processes. Through FNPT connections, differential pressure gauges are effectively integrated, ensuring the safety and reliability of pressure measurements in industrial and commercial settings.

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