Backflow Testing Kit Buyers Guide

February 15, 2021

In the market for a backflow testing kit, but not sure where to start? Mid-West Instrument is here to help. Headquartered in Michigan and serving the instrumentation needs of the Midwest, we’ll help you find the right distributor and the right product for your needs.


Our Model 830 was the very first backflow testing kit we produced, and after more than 30 years in service, it’s still the industry benchmark. Over this period of time, we’ve consistently received invaluable “on the job” feedback from our clients and our internal testers. Their input has led to several refinements and upgrades over the years, such as inline filters, laminated test procedures, removable lids, soft seated needle valves, and line pressure gauges.

Not long after we launched the Model 830, we introduced our portable Model 835 to the industry, followed by our newest product offering – the Model 845. This new portable model features all the benefits inherent to our preceding kits, as well as some new innovations to make testing even easier and more accurate. Plus, the Model 845 is available in 5-valve, 3-valve, and 2-valve configurations. We’re proud to say that the FCCC, HR-USC, and CA-NV AWWA have added these new products (845-5, 845-3, and 845) to their list of Acceptable Gauges, where it joins our landmark Model 830.

Key features of our backflow testing kit products include:

  • Test kits are protected with 90micron filters to minimize plugging from scale, sand, etc.
  • Filter elements can be cleaned or replaced
  • Test procedures are laminated in clear plastic
  • Durable carrying case included

What’s the Biggest Difference Between These Three Products?

Portability: Model 830 is permanently mounted in a robust double-walled case, for a total weight of 14 pounds. Models 835 and 845 are not permanently mounted, and so they weigh several pounds less. Also, models 835 and 845 offer removable hoses, whereas the Model 830’s hoses are permanently affixed.

Versatility: Models 830 and 835 come as a 5-valve test kit. Model 845 offers three choices – two, three, and five-valve.

Service cost: The service cost for models 835 and 845 is lower because they aren’t permanently mounted.

Distributors in the Midwest

No matter where you are in North America, the United Kingdom, or Australia, a Mid-West Instrument distributor is available to serve you. We enjoy a strong relationship with our backflow testing kit distributors – for example, in the United States we work closely with trusted companies like Test Gauge Inc. and Backflow Parts USA. In Canada, we have distributors spread across four provinces, and in Australia and the UK, our distribution partners include ABLE Instruments & Controls, Backflow Central, and CMC Technologies.

Start Testing Today

For all of your backflow testing needs, trust Mid-West Instrument. As one of the premier backflow testing kit manufacturers serving the Midwest, we’ve dedicated more than 30 years to designing and producing some of the industry’s best field-testing instruments. Contact us today for more information on our products and distributors.